Structural failures are a common problem in the cooling tower industry. Unfortunately there are many cases of very serious collapses. Obviously collapse can result into a serious accident and heavy losses. This is an attempt to make cooling towers collapse proof.

Various reasons of Collapse are –

  1. Improper selection of cross sections of timber
  2. Non use off proper columns and diagonals
  3. Poor matrix of columns
  4. Poor treatment
  5. No preventive maintenance
  6. Use of headers for 5 / 6 cells or more. Which is transferring the load to Timber Structures?
  7. Unloaded vibrations
  8. Use of improper faster ( MOC )
  9. Chemical attack & OR biological attack
  10. Improper supporting structure for Mechanical comments.
  11. Superficial repairs carried out in past.
  12. Ignorance of preventive maintenance of structures
  13. Poor workmanship of erection.
  14. Timber tower kept dry for longtime
  15. Improper joineries

Proactive Approach towards achieving collapse Proof structures –

  1. Structural Design strictly as per IS 883, – 1970 for timber and for Pultruded FRP as per CTI – 137. This should be certified by qualified structural consultants.
  2. Use of Risers
  3. Supporting header from outside.
  4. Centre column in RCC
  5. Use of fabricated structures in galvanized or epoxy coated steel below gearbox or in plenum area.
  6. Schedule preventive maintenance
  7. Use of online test facilities of timber on the guidelines of FRI – we can extend this facility.
  8. Testing of chemical treatment from research institute.
  9. Use of proper vibration sensors treatment from Research Institute.
  10. Use of load sensors.
  11. Use of still structures being a ductile material. No catastrophe failure.