Timbers used in cooling towers can be treated using oil based treatment known as creosote treatment, which can double the life of cooling tower timber structure.

We, M Square engineers are proud to announce the commencement to one of its kind of plant in the country under the guidance of FRI Dehradun recently where are have started treating timber using creosote oil.

The creosote treatment is approved as per IS 401.

The details of creosote treatment are as below

Creosote is derived from the distillation of tar from wood & is used as wood preservative. Pesticide products containing , creosote as the active ingredient are used to protect wood against termites, fungi and other pests

Creosote Features –

  1. High toxicity and noncorrosive
  2. Good protection against termites.
  3. Increase in the life twice by doing additional treatment on CCA treated timber.

Applications –

1) Presently for PAP as pH is acidic, creosote is the right solution. It is suitable for chemical & fertilizer industries as well as oil & gas industries

2) For any other plant/ applications also, this will enhance life along with CCA treatment  

Contents –

Fuel Oil & Creosote 50 : 50

Method –

  1. Heated till 900C in a pressurized chamber & kept for minimum 2hrs
  2. Before & After weight measurement to analyze retention.

            128 Kg./M3 Retention as per IS401

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