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M Square engineers is one of the established organization in the field of  Industrial cooling towers in Pune, India. With experience of more than 18 years and continuous zest for providing technical superior solutions, M Square engineers have built a long-lasting relation with their clients. The company focuses on delivering quality service & support to clients with unique approach and customization. It clearly understands the real needs of the customer and suggest an integrated or total solution.

The company has a presence in reputed corporates all over the India as well as overseas in middle east & South east Asian countries. The company has an experienced team to handle any kind of cooling tower projects with speed and quality. It has also an emergency services and support.

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The family of people dedicated for continuos customer support and services to achieve delight. We try to achieve the objectives by understanding real needs of the customer and suggesting integral solution to satisfy the needs. Above all, we try to impart know-how and train the customer for mutual benefits. A team of good people ensures all activities professional.


Rich experience, data collected from previous installations, R&D testing facilities are introduced to improve thermal design of cooling towers. The objective is not only to improve efficiency but also to save space and economize the design. This optimization is done by use of CAD assisted software. Hence, each tower is designed in an innovative way. The entire system operation cost is lowest, as the tower is not designed in isolation.


Each and every component is tested rigorously by our engineers at the supply end before it is dispatched. We assist supplier to develop full proof operations. Propoer documentation ensures positive track back. Use of TQM methods ensures quality in products, documentation, workmanship and services. A detail checklist along with use of scientific instruments during the erection helps supervisor to ensure better workmanship.